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MarketPoint Customer Case Study Abstract (lead generation company)

Target: Businesses Needing Assistance to Reach Their Target Market

MarketPoint Customer Abstract: ClearImage

Industry: Document imaging and Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) software development

Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Products: Outbound calling and lead qualification

Market: Freight and logistics, electric utilities, financial services, education, telecommunications, and government

Boilerplate: ClearImage Systems develops document imaging software to help businesses go paperless. The company has over 20 years of industry experience providing mission critical imaging solutions to mid- to large-scale enterprises.

Situation hublot: ClearImage Systems previously performed their own lead generation by attending tradeshows, advertising, and telephone contact. The company found it had difficulty generating qualified leads and reaching the decision-makers in the target company. ClearImage did not have a formalized lead generation program in place and needed a focused program that would directly hit their target prospects.

Solution: ClearImage decided to hire MarketPoint as part of its marketing program based on MarketPoint's years of experience in successful lead generation. ClearImage believed MarketPoint's staff were highly qualified, experienced telemarketers that understood the technological industry and were able to reach the prospects' key decision makers. During the first quarter of 2002, MarketPoint was used for a six-week "calling blitz" program, where ClearImage identified the targets and MarketPoint made the telephone calls.

Results/ROI: During the six-week program, MarketPoint made calls to thousands of companies, generated more than 150 long-term leads, and more importantly, more than 40 immediate, qualified leads that are already well into the sales process and are close to being closed. MarketPoint delivered three times the number of leads it had initially guaranteed.

The quality of the leads and the high level of service combined to make ClearImage's program successful. MarketPoint pinpointed the decision makers in each company and learned the critical pain points that ClearImage could use to help make a true, solution sale.

"MarketPoint is like an extension of our internal sales force in the way they understand the nature of our business," said Richard Hardell, Executive Vice President. "While they work to generate leads, our sales team can focus more on closing the deal, adding directly to our bottom line."

Future Plans: ClearImage will continue to sell to the leads generated by MarketPoint for the next six months. They are considering resuming the program after that time as part of an ongoing lead generation program for ClearImage Systems.

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