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Before we can develop an alliance plan, or determine if there is even a need for one, we need to spend time with you. That's why we start with a free initial evaluation to understand your goals and your current situation. We will then outline the issues, risks, and advantages and offer advice on how to proceed.

3-month Contract

Upon completion of the evaluation and a decision to move forward, we ask that our customers agree to a 3-month contract. Establishing alliances requires certain activities. The 3-month contract includes those activities:

  • Present programs you are eligible for. We will focus on the top 2 programs that most closely impact your goals. Other programs can be explored later as desired.
  • Outline requirements for participation in each program
  • Review benefits and the value proposition of each program
  • Provide advice on if and how to proceed
  • Recommend resource requirements
  • Outline initial objectives and recommended strategies of your alliances
  • Make initial introductions to program leaders

4th Month (optional)

Upon completion of the 3-month contract, you may choose to have Alliance Connection provide you with a complete business plan for your alliance, including initial objectives, strategies, and tactics, as well as 2-3 year objectives, strategies, and tactics.

A la Carte

As your alliances develop, you may find you need additional assistance. Alliance Connection is happy to offer services on an a la carte basis.



"Meishelle's strong relationships with key executives within Microsoft ensured that Longview was given an opportunity to present our solutions to the right decision-makers. She saved us hours of time in cold-calling and knocking on doors."

- Mary Moss,
Longview Solutions

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