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Experienced and Established

Did you know that a full-time alliance manager could cost you up to $170,000 per year, including ramp-up time and travel expenses? And professionals with experience and established relationships are not easy to find. Alliance Connection can provide the same services in about one-fourth the time at about one-fourth the cost of a full-time employee.

At Alliance Connection, we've developed alliances with Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, SUN, HP, and many others; we understand how they work and what captures their attention, and they know and respect us. And more importantly, we have experience with companies like yours, so we understand your needs. There's no need for you to struggle through the learning curve — we've taken care of it for you.


Taking focus away from your sales team by making one or more of them responsible for alliances can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost sales opportunities. If you make a development person responsible for an alliance, you risk severe slippage in delivery schedules, resulting in lost credibility in the marketplace. How do you place a value on that? At Alliance Connection, alliances are our business, so we focus all our efforts on ensuring you have the most appropriate, efficient, and profitable relationships possible. Because we focus exclusively on alliances, you can focus on your job instead of getting mired in the alliance maze. We take careful steps to confirm that you actually need a relationship, clarify what types of relationships you need, develop a plan to establish those relationships, and help you develop them.


We know budget and resources are always a concern, so we make sure you will see results quickly. Our first goal is to develop a clear alliance plan — even if that means determining that a relationship is not appropriate at this time. Then we tailor your plan to your needs — no cookie-cutter templates! We work to pull a plan together fast so you can get started as quickly as possible. And we make sure you have the tools, skills, and information you need to execute the plan yourself so you don't have to depend on a consultant.

Without the appropriate expectations, goals, knowledge, and experience, supported by the right contacts, you could easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars improperly leveraging alliances or lose millions (see case study on "Company X") developing products that are of no interest to your alliances. Either way, that's money down the drain, and the cost to you in lost credibility with your investors is beyond counting. Let Alliance Connection help.

Alliance Connection Professionals

Meishelle Haverkamp

An accomplished business development professional, Meishelle is an alliance "veteran." She successfully built and managed Adaytum's relationship with Accenture, building a $25 million Accenture practice from the ground up. Meishelle also leveraged Adaytum's alliances to move up-market and coordinated partner participation in strategic sales scenarios, resulting in joint sales at Cisco, Disney Stores, Best Buy, and Target. By enrolling Adaytum in Microsoft programs, Meishelle helped Adaytum gain brand awareness, more efficient product development, and increased sales by enrolling for the company. As Microsoft Alliance Manager for Navision Software, she increased sales by 55% and surpassed the goal of 80% channel partners SQL Server 7.0 certified, developed relationships with Microsoft corporate and district sales offices, creating joint marketing and sales programs to drive sales of Navision applications on Microsoft technologies, and developed go-to-market tools. She has consistently created and implemented business plans and joint market offerings with strategic partners, including goals, strategies, tactics, case scenarios, value propositions, ROI justifications, implementation methodologies, work plans, and job-cost estimation tools. Meishelle is a graduate of Gonzaga University and has completed many sales and channel certification programs, including Miller-Heiman Strategic Sales, the HP Certified Channel Partner Program, and the Oracle Channel Partner Program.

Jerry DiNino

With two decades of solution-sales experience with such companies as Informix and AT&T, Jerry DiNino understands the importance of strong alliances. He has a strong history of building multi-million dollar pipelines — even in new markets — and much of that success can be credited to establishing the right relationships and an ability to communicate the benefits of relationships to the parties involved. Jerry is a graduate of Eastern Washington University and has completed Solution Selling, Miller-Heiman, Consultative Selling & Base Selling sales programs.



"The launch of Navision's SQL-based product was our most successful ever, due in part to Meishelle's channel launch strategy. Our channel partners were ready to sell when the time came."

- Lesley Dubin,
former Channel Manager,
Navision Microsoft

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